Reimagine Recycled Glass

Evolution Glass manufactures innovative countertops and tables using 100% recycled bottle glass. Our mission is to transform waste glass and bring beauty into homes while taking care of our planet at the same time. 

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More about the campaign

You’ve probably cooked some pasta and poured the pasta sauce out of a glass jar, rinsed it out, and tossed it in the recycling bin, right?

That’s awesome! You’re doing your part to help keep our planet clean! You’d probably guess it ends up as another pasta jar or beer bottle, right?

Well maybe, but not likely. Most of it ends up being used to create fiberglass, reflective road paint, cement, or added to the mix to become a match head. Its down-cycled and its story ends there.

In comes Evolution Glass.

We’re reimagining recycled glass by using it to create beautiful, functional art. We’re extending the story of this glass to create unique and innovative surfaces that become the centerpiece of any room.

What’s the process?

We reclaim those pasta jars and wine bottles from a giant pile at the recycling transfer station here in Charlottesville, VA, haul it away on our truck, and take it back to our shop on Broadway Ave. This is where the next chapter begins. Each piece hangs out in our one little dumpster behind the shop. We strip away the foil from all the wine bottles by hand. We dump a bucket full into our glass crusher and out comes a chunky sharp pile. We pour the clear glass base delicately into our mold and sprinkle it with hints of blue, green or brown as we prep this “canvas” for magic to happen. The glass goes into a giant oven. Several days later, after appropriate cooling and incubation, out comes a shiny new panel of glass. Mesmerizing, ethereal and beautiful…from that stuff we picked up at the landfill.

Why glass?

The environmental impact of mining and refining stone surfaces like marble and granite is catastrophic. Wooden counter tops, unless they’re from reclaimed wood, mean more carbon for us to breathe and less oxygen to go around. What about those particleboard and laminate counters? What is that even made from? What chemicals are leaching into the air in our homes from that stuff? The lifecycle of glass is infinite. Evolution Glass countertops and tables are the most sustainable countertop option out there.

What about the energy use and materials to create the glass?

We use 50% less energy to create these surfaces than it would take to make a new glass countertop surface. We’re one of only four companies in the world making solid glass surfaces from 100% recycled glass. We don’t use any epoxy, resin or other binding agents to create these surfaces so our surfaces are 100% recyclable themselves. Only glass. Glass that we gave a new story.

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Our team

Bill has been working to perfect the reuse of recycled glass for surfaces for over 10 years and has been creating glass art since 2000.  Heather came to the project with a marketing and business analyst background excited about the potential to shift global perception about recycled glass. Together they’re excited to launch this campaign in hopes of growing the Evolution Glass facility. A successful campaign means they can reclaim more recycled glass from the local landfill and bring stunning glass surface centerpieces to more homes, offices, restaurants and schools around the world.