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Evolution Glass manufactures innovative countertops and tables of exceptional quality using 100% recycled bottle glass. Our mission is to transform waste glass and bring beauty into homes while taking care of our planet at the same time.


Evolution Glass was founded by Bill Hess in 2015. Bill's innovative process balances design and sustainability making our tables, countertops and surfaces unique. By diverting glass from landfills and using it to create beautiful and functional products, Evolution Glass actively makes the world a better place.

For many years, Bill has evaluated, tested, and created products and art that utilize waste glass. Finally after years of exploration, we have perfected a process that allows us to create these stunning glass tables and countertops from recycled bottles.  Many other companies manufacture recycled glass countertops, but few, if any, use 100% bottle glass.

We appreciate the human element of these surfaces. Whether in a kitchen, bar room, or business reception area, countertops and tables serve as a space for personal connection. Crafting them from repurposed beer bottles, pickle jars, or sauce containers feels like a fitting use.

Our work has received regional and international recognition. Visit our media page to review our recognitions.

Visit www.ideasonlegs.com to see some of Bill's artistic glass projects.

Core Values

Customer/ Employee Delight
We want clients and team members to enjoy and be amazed by our work.

Doing Good/ Solving Problems of Society
We address the problem of reducing glass waste by using this resource to make beautiful and innovative products.

Being on time matters to us. We communicate positively and proactively with clients and team members, leverage resources/ people/ equipment to complete work of high quality on agreed-upon schedule. We believe in asking for help when uncertain.

We are honest and direct in action, both internally and with clients.

Confidence with humility
We are proud of what we are doing, and we share the message of success with the community through events and media.

Collaborators & Advisors
(partial list)

Albemarle Countertop Company

Nathalie Pincham – Brightworks Studio

Community Investment Collaborative 

Crozet Engineering- Damon Cassisi

Howard Evergreen

John Gray/ Ernest Designs

David Hess

Stuart Holman- Studigs Photography

Alex Janssen– VAS of Virginia

Paul Miller- Black Dog FarmGlobal Learning Services

Heather Phillips - Small Acts Media

Wendy Vigdor-Hess

The Team

Bill Hess- Owner/ Principal

Bill is an engineer, artist and entrepreneur living in central Virginia. He has been working with recycled glass for over ten years and making art for over two decades (see www.IdeasOnLegs.com for his personal portfolio). His work has been featured locally and internationally. After many years of research and testing, he conceived Evolution Glass as a community minded business to transform glass waste into beautiful and inspiring products and art.

Bill has expertise in all areas of product development from research and prototyping through full-scale manufacturing in consumer, medical and industrial applications. Bill graduated from Dartmouth College with a double major in engineering sciences and studio art and has a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.  

In addition to nurturing the growth of Evolution Glass, Bill loves spending time with his family and friends through outdoor activities and good conversation.


Heather Phillips- Media Strategy and Outreach

Heather has been passionate about recycling since third grade when she insisted on converting her family's garage into a multi-bin sorting hub and making monthly trips to their local recycling facility.

Today she's still just as passionate (probably even more so) about recycling. She runs a blog, smallactscount.org, that focuses on the small acts we can practice to foster positive change in our world, like recycling. In December 2015, Heather met Bill Hess at a Greater Virginia Green Building Council luncheon where she learned about his mission to create beautiful, functional art from recycled glass. She was immediately enchanted by this project and has been a dedicated catalyst for growth.  Heather graduated from James Madison University with B.A. in a Media Arts and Design, Interactive Media.

As she supports the growth of Evolution Glass, she hopes to help others understand the importance of our effort to reduce waste and reuse our resources wisely.

Nick Jones- Design and Technical Advisor

Nick brings to the team over a decade of experience in building and operating high temperature glass forming equipment.  A glass blower by trade with a B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego, Nick has travelled the length of the West Coast practicing his craft.  He benefits from having engaged in a wide variety of approaches to forming glass in the most efficient way possible.  Nick understands that any gain in efficiency in our process directly supports Evolution Glass’ sustainable approach to creating gorgeous functional art from 100% recycled bottle glass.  




Howard Evergreen- Volunteer Advisor and Bottle Hauler

Howard is an enthusiastic supporter of Evolution Glass. He and his wife Janet purchased the 1st finished table top from the business- a spectacular light green living room side table with a beautiful bull-nose edge. He has provided insightful words of advice for the business while being a dedicated participant in culling glass from the bottle pile at the landfill. He generously donates his time and the use of his pickup truck for our dump runs!

Howard was the Director of the Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation for many years before joining the growing ranks of Evolution Glass supporters. He is involved in numerous other community activities in and around Charlottesville.

Indiegogo Donors


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Reed Muehlman
Andrew Fine
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Robert Birdsey
Mary DeSilva
Waverly and Reid Davis
Karen Pranikoff
Ellen Graap Loth
An admirer of Bill's work, Nancy Holder
Liza Holder
Mitchell Hubbard
Rhett and Megan
Lynda and Kevin Curtis

Ann Pontius
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Justin L. Vigdor
Steve Branoff
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