What can Evolution Glass be used for?

Evolution Glass works well in many commercial and residential applications, including kitchen countertops, conference tables, kitchen tables, desktops, windowsills and decorative arts objects.

What are the dimensions of an Evolution Glass slab?

Evolution Glass slabs are made to measure.

How are Evolution Glass surfaces fabricated and installed?

Evolution Glass surfaces must be fabricated and installed by Evolution Glass. For any technical questions concerning fabrication, please call Evolution Glass at 434 996 6850.

Where can I purchase Evolution Glass?

Evolution Glass sells slabs to distributors and fabricators throughout the United States. Visit the Albemarle Countertop Showroom or our website. Please call us at 434 996 6850 if you have any questions.

How much do Evolution Glass products cost?

Surface costs are based on labor, materials by the square foot, and design time. Prices are comparable to high-end stone (2017-2018 pricing: $100-$200/ sq ft).  Decorative arts objects range from $50- $500 and come in a variety of colors.

Do Evolution Glass surfaces need to be sealed or waxed?

No sealer needed for Evolution Glass!!  Through our specialized heating process, the glass is permanently sealed. 

Is Evolution Glass heat resistant?

Evolution Glass surfaces can withstand incidental heat contact but will crack with extreme temperatures from the oven so trivets should be used under pots and pans recently removed from a heat source.

Are Evolution Glass surfaces UV-resistant?

Yes. Since Evolution Glass surfaces do not contain any petrochemicals, Evolution Glass does not fade in sunlight.

Is Evolution Glass scratch resistant?


Can Evolution Glass surfaces be used outdoors?

In certain circumstances, yes. However as this still needs testing this is currently not recommended, and will not be covered by the warranty.

Can Evolution Glass surfaces be used for flooring?

Possibly, needs to be tested. Please let us know if you are interested in this application.

How do I care for my Evolution Glass surface?

 Our surfaces can be easily cleaned with a sponge and non abrasive cleaners.

Does Evolution Glass come with a warranty?  

Yes, Evolution Glass provides a Limited Warranty.

How much do Evolution Glass surfaces cost?

Installation cost may vary depending on size and scope of the job. Contact Evolution Glass distributor to obtain detailed pricing.